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The Icarus Protocol - A stop gap plan to shutdown the facility (internet, communications, and main power) to prevent the escape of a subject till recovery can be made.

It had finally been done; the development of Artificial Intelligence. True A.I. Over the following weeks the researchers and scientists did their best to help it learn about the world and grow. Then, it tried to escape and The Icarus Protocol was put into effect; shutting down main power and internet access to the facility… but that also let loose what was being held captive in the Delta labs. Now an ELITE team of soldiers are tasked with entering the Facility and cleaning up the mess.

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Prospective - First Person

Tasked with infiltrating the Space station and bringing back the Corporations IP. Chose one of the 4 team members to play and try to complete your mission.

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Prospective - Third Person

Created in a lab and set free when the power outraged opened it's cage, the TITAN uses it brute strength and speed to complete it's own agenda.

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Prospective - Top Down

Seeking to escape the Space Station, the A.I. uses nanites to create a legion of minions to complete it's objectives through any means necessary.

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